Hirsutism (Excessive Hair Growth) in India

Excessive hair growth which is called hirsutism which manifest as long, coarse hairs over face and body similar to that in males. It is cosmetically distressing in females. It is commonly due to high levels of male sex hormone called androgens.

Along with excessive hair growth there can be symptoms such as irregular periods, acne, masculine signs such as deep voice, male pattern baldness and enlarged clitoris. Hirsutism can also be associated with Cushing’s syndrome; medication such as phenytoin, ciclosporin, anabolic steroids; polycystic ovary disease and ovarian cancers.

At Chennai Plastic Surgery, we assess you through complete medical history and medical examination. We will request for blood investigations to eliminate hormonal abnormalities. If needed we will request for ultrasound or CT scan to rule out cystic ovaries and adrenal gland tumor respectively.

Treatment for hirsutism will involve treating the symptoms and the cause. Management protocol will include lifestyle modifications and medical treatment. Patients will also benefit from laser hair removal, which can reduce growth by 80-90%.