Skin is a protective organ. Dry, oily, mixed, uneven, so many terminologies to describe the skin. Whatever the skin type, it is ideal to protect and maintain your skin with nutrients. That acne will occur only in adolescence, is a myth. Breakouts are not limited to teens.

Adrenal hormones can change the skin turnover and oily secretions, which when altered leads to acne. The aggravating factor being stress. In today’s lifestyle where stress and malnutrition rule, there should be a proper way to combat acne.

The psycho-social impact of acne will push a human to any level. So getting it treated at the apt age will reduce the scars in future. Dysmorphophobia is a condition where the affected person feels he has severe acne and get distressed though the condition is mild and curable. Diagnosing an acne is very easy. Proper medical history and physical examination will suffice. Accordingly the treatment is planned. Treatment may vary from topical creams to oral antibiotics depending upon the severity of acne.


The following factors can worsen an acne breakout:

  • Changes in hormone levels in teenage girls and adult women a week before their menstruation
  • Oil from skin products (moisturizers or cosmetics) or grease encountered in the work environment which are not cleansed properly from the skin (for example, a kitchen with fry vats)
  • Pollution and humid climate
  • Picking at blemishes
  • Birth control pills can also aggravate acne
  • Physical & mental stress


The first cleanse of the day as you wake up is more important. However frequently cleansing the face may worsen acne, remember dirt is not the exact cause of acne.

Use a good moisturizer.

Formulations containing Vitamin C are effective and promote collagen remodeling which is the key factor for anti-aging. 30 plus skin needs topical supplements too to maintain a good rapport between age and the skin.
Good dietary supplements.

Being a very common issue, acne can be dealt with ease. All you have to do is, contact us when you see the very first bump on your face.