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What Can I Do About My Facial Wrinkles?

Beauty Portrait Of Smiling Nude Middle Aged Woman With Short Haircut

Have you noticed that you are spending more and more time looking in the mirror at your crow’s feet, frown lines, and other facial wrinkles? While aging is a natural part of life, those unsightly lines and wrinkles are not always something you want to see. Thankfully, you can reduce the appearance of your facial […]

Botox For Masseteric Hypertrophy And Bruxism

Everyone thinks that BOTOX is only to correct fine lines and wrinkles. Actually there is N number of other advantages, especially for people with teeth grinding habit Botox will be very helpful. These individuals clench the teeth so heavily in the night time that leads to tightness around the tempero- mandibular joint in the morning. […]

Prejuventation / Preventive Botox

Botox is the most commonly used injectable in the management of wrinkles. A small dose of this neurotoxin when injected into your tense facial muscles causes a temporary paralysis that in turn relaxes the muscles and softens the overlying wrinkles. Prejuvenation / preventive Botox is a trendy term that’s been making rounds in the cosmetic […]

The Non Surgical Nose Job

There are multiple treatment modalities to correct the saddle nose, bumpy nose and what not. But is there a non – surgical way to achieve this? Yes there is. And this is known as medical rhinoplasty. The nose being an important feature to determine ones ideal facial proportions, a saddle nose or a bumpy nose […]

Botox Benefits — Chennai FDA-Approved Injections

Botox Benefits

Botox injections work as a type of muscle relaxant, with effects lasting several months at a time. This product has primarily been used in anti-aging treatments for years, but as technology improves, scientists and doctors are discovering that Botox benefits the body in a number of ways. Botox benefits those who suffer from embarrassing and […]

Dermal Fillers — Injectable Fillers Chennai

Skin health is a vital aspect our overall beauty. Many solutions for improving skin health are either too subtle or just don’t last long enough. In other cases, the procedure involved is surgical and more costly than the patient desires. However, there is a growing trend in the industry towards dermal fillers that could offer […]

Soft-Tissue Fillers — Dermal Injections Chennai

When it comes to injectable soft-tissue fillers, the variations of products and brand names can seem endless. Hyaluronic acid is a primary ingredient for many dermal fillers and is considered to be one of the more popular options for smoothing out skin. Hyaluronic acid has numerous uses in both the medical and cosmetic fields and is […]

Radiesse Injections — Chennai Dermal Filler

Every year, millions of patients flock to doctors and specialists for the latest non-surgical correction of fine lines and wrinkles. Fighting these typical signs of aging can become quite tiresome and costly. With Radiesse injections, this fight is getting easier and more affordable. Radiesse injections are a popular treatment that minimizes even severe wrinkling around the […]

Botox Cosmetic — Chennai Injectable Treatment

Wrinkle prevention and reduction is in high demand these days. Whenever this dual function can be achieved without surgery or downtime, it’s almost hard to believe it works. This is why Botox Cosmetic is the most popular non-medical procedure in the world. It is injected into targeted facial muscles. Botox Cosmetic works by blocking signals to the […]

Botox Injections — Chennai Wrinkle Prevention

Botox Injections Chennai

Many of our most common facial expressions repeated over and over again can eventually lead to deep wrinkles in our skin. Luckily, Botox injections are a proven way to prevent these wrinkles from ever showing up. One of the most common wrinkles being prevented by this convenient and affordable treatment is the frown line. The […]

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