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The Double Trouble

Double chin is not only a problem in the over-weight / older people, but also poses a problem in the younger and leaner people as well. It is nothing but fat which is deposited under the chin, which makes the area appear fuller. Sometimes people tend to have looser skin in this area which naturally […]

Exilis Is Your Non-Surgical Solution for Fat Reduction

Many people want the benefits of liposuction without going through surgery or a lengthy recovery process. Exilis is an excellent non-surgical alternative to liposuction that can reduce your body fat and restore the contours of your body. Exilis uses radio frequency and ultrasound energy to penetrate down to the layers of fat deep within the […]

EXILIS: Do’s and don’ts for patients

Exilis is considered as a non­surgical and painless method of liposuction, the machine uses radio­frequency and ultrasound to attack the fat cells (also in the deeper layers) and reduce them in size and number. For further understanding please refer to our website. Exilis cannot be performed on a patient with any active implants (metal implants, […]

Thank you Collagen – Week 6

No more overdosing on garlic. It was now a nutty story. Got myself a few kilos of nuts which I sat and mixed. Kept them in a strategic locations: not too far away that I would forget to have them, nor too to binge. Also remembered to freeze the walnuts before they became rancid. “Thank […]

Week 5: Going Garlic

Collagen feeding sessions took off in full swing. On my way home, I stopped by to get stocked up on garlic, organic eggs, extra virgin olive oil, green tea and some strawberries. While at it, I picked up an electric kettle to heat water for my gallons of tea and a large flask to keep […]

Conversations with Collagen – Week 4

My collagen and I were not the best of friends. In fact, when I looked at other people’s results with Exilis by the time week 4 came around I dare say I was a little disappointed. To begin with I did not look 20 years younger like I expected to. That was a beginning enough. […]

Fridays Exilis trysts – Week 3

I was getting accustomed to my Fridays Exilis trysts. During the week after my second procedure, I could actually discern the difference. The best observation came from a friend and co-evening-walker. “Something about you has changed. You are thinner in a very subtle way,” she said. “And you’re looking nice, not wilted like most people […]

Wishing Friday would come quickly ! – Week 2

Wishing Friday would come quickly, I kept looking at myself in the mirror like never before. Is there a tightening around the mouth? The eyes? Didn’t look like it. “Is my skin looking different?” My husband and family got that every time they glanced my way. Sometimes even when they did not even look at […]

Face Mania – Week 1

“Your skin looks great,” they said. “You don’t look your age, Aunty.” “Aunty? And who ever told you my age?” I want to scream, but smile instead and say a polite, “Thank you, dear.” I try not to grit my teeth and banish all violent thoughts like slapping those 30-somethings across the face nice and […]

Non Invasive, pain-free and effective: the Exilis arrives at Chennai Plastic Surgery!

Today, non-invasive aesthetic procedures that are affordable, pain free and, most importantly, effective for body contouring and skin tightening are a necessity rather than a luxury. Pain and the time needed for long drawn out recoveries belong in the past. Science advancement and effective use of technology has brought a new machine, the Exilis from […]

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