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Don’t razor it.. Laser it! Instead of the delecate and thin ‘peach fuss’ which covers a woman’s body if you have a lot of thick, dark and coarse hair growing in places where it does for men, then you have hirsutism. The cause may be anything from genetic or hormonal imbalance to medications. The most […]

Break Free The Pain with Laser Hair Reduction

Pain sensation and skin burnsafter laser hair reduction is common with some types of lasers. This could be avoided by opting for hair removal by diode lasers where the discomfort is very minimal and many a times pain free.These lasers are skin friendly and user friendly and hence both the physician and the patient will […]

LASER HAIR REDUCTION: Do’s and Don’ts for Patients

We at Chennai Plastic Surgery offer painless laser treatment. The number of sittings will depend on the thickness of hair and pattern of hair growth. The procedure is performed by doctors and trainer laser technicians. Pre-procedure instructions: Do not wax, thread or use any method of hair removal 2 weeks prior to the procedure. It […]

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

For women who want smooth bikini bodies and men who want to sport hairless chests without going through the pain, laser removal is the perfect solution. Let us confess it up front: most of us contemplate hair removal from various parts of our body from time to time for various reasons but the thought of […]


Sometime even after a clear explanation of the Soprano Alma laser which is a pain free laser hair removal they sit with nervousness about the pain, but once they take up the first shot of laser they feel very relaxed. Soprano laser gives them a warm feel, especially people who have faced other kind of […]