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Loose that Extra Baggage

This blog is for all those who are looking forward to lose weight in a healthy, methodical and safe manner. Attaining ideal weight may be relatively demanding for some in comparison to others. This may be due to various reasons: underlying medical disorder (thyroid, diabetes, PCOS etc.), improper diet plan, irregular eating habits, sedentary lifestyle […]

Is there any means by which I can assess my body fat at home?

Yes. There is way to perform a quick assessment of body fat in privacy and comfort of your home. The skin fold test or pinch test, as it is called involves a quick few steps. Grasp the skin on a suitable region of the body, such as tummy, flanks, upper arm etc. Do not pinch […]

I am highly obese. Will liposuction help?

Liposuction is definitely not an alternative to losing weight and should not be mistaken as a treatment for obesity. Liposuction is recommended only if you have earnestly attempted to change your lifestyle but there are no improvements. Initially, approach a qualified dietician and opt from a wide range of guided weight loss programs that he […]

Punch Vs Paunch

Alcohol has always been a part of the lifestyle of many since time immemorial. Associated with joy, sorrow, attempts to alleviate pain caused by labor etc., alcohol has been a part of the life of people of all races and social strata. Archeological studies have shown use of alcohol as early as 1000 BC and […]

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