It’s difficult to admit. It’s difficult to show. But what you need to know is that you’re not alone. This is coming from a center that has by far witnessed 3000 distressed patients of gynecomastia (male chest correction), successfully treated them and helped them gain their confidence again.

Though the popular belief in our country is to blame oneself for his/her illness or maybe blame karma. But this is a hormonal derangement that causes a female hormone excess and therefore development of breast tissue. This does not make you any less of a man. Having gynecomastia does not alter your future or your reproductive prospects.This is just an alteration at the breast tissue level, which if removed is the solution to your problem.

There are four ranges in severity of the gynecomastia (male chest correction), named as grades one to four. The surgical option has two parts, firstly liposuction to remove fat and secondly excise all the fibrous part of the tissue.

Gynaecomastia! Yes, it does need a surgical solution, no medicines so far invented to dissolve the excessively grown gland. It’s better to seek help and soon, than living with the condition, day in and out, putting yourself through the mental trauma.

Our team understands your problem and is ready to help. We know what you’re looking for and your expectations. Our experienced hands are ready to give you the near flawless result you expect.