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Platelet Rich Plasma India

There is ever-growing evidence reporting the positive outcomes of PRP in hair restoration. Besides a series of other options, PRP still raves to the top of the list of preferred interventions, in consideration of its track record in addressing a variety of other indications such as wound healing, sports medicine, dentistry etc. with significant success for more than 30 years in a row. It revolves around addressing hair issues in closest to the natural way.


The preferred raw material for a PRP preparation is universally the subject’s own peripheral blood. Quantities varying from as less as 10 ml to about 120 ml are used, depending on the indication to be addressed, with the final volume varying anywhere between 5 ml and 20 ml. Whole blood comprises of rich reservoirs of growth factors, otherwise referred to as platelets, the key players in the rejuvenation process. The agenda in processing the whole blood is to separate out these platelets from the rest of the blood components to the maximum extent and deliver them to the site of interest. Simply put, PRP is defined as plasma comprising above–baseline concentration of platelets.

An excellent PRP preparation is one that yields a platelet concentrate of at least 4 – 6 times above baseline levels, reproducibly.

Role of PRP in Hair Restoration

Of late, PRP has gained popularity in hair restoration procedures – both surgical and non-surgical. It is proven beyond doubt that performing a derma roll, followed by topical / subcutaneous application of PRP, is capable of reversing miniaturizated hair follicles the non-surgical way. In the surgical space, PRP is used in various ways:

  1. To strengthen poor donor areas
  2. To improve graft survival
  3. To reduce donor area scarring
  4. To Reduce inflammation

When PRP is used as a graft storage medium, the outcome of hair transplantation is more profound, as demonstrated by a number of controlled studies. This causes absorption of growth factors by resident stem cells in the bulge area of the dissected out hair follicular unit. Injecting PRP at the recipient site improves vascularisation of the grafted units and thereby improving density.

It is certainly a treatment of choice in view of the results and also that you are using your body’s natural healing processes. But it is very important to keep in mind that some age related concerns respond well to PRP, while the wiser decisions for the rest would definitely needs the guidance of a well-trained and experienced cosmetic physician/surgeon to help combine the right treatments and guide you the right way.
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