Axillary tail of spence also known as axillary tail of breast is an extension of breast tissue that extends into the axilla (under arms ). It is a cosmetically disfiguring condition associated with the appearance of bags under the axilla region causing a hindrance to women who wish to wear sleeveless clothes. The degree of this condition can vary from a mild bulge to a protruding bag under the axillary region, associated with pain and tenderness especially during menstrual cycles.

The only modality of treatment available is a surgical liposuction in cases of mild to moderate protrusions.

Lipolytic injections may help in very minimal degree of axillary tail of Breast . This cosmetic procedure uses drug mixtures consisting of fat dissolving enzymes that are injected into the areas of fat in order to destroy fat cells. If the size of the tissue growth is larger, liposuction combined with surgical excision of the excess glandular tissue is advised.

Those who worry about scar formation post surgery, should know that the scar would lie along the folds of the axillary margin and therefore not look as disfiguring The surgery is a day care procedure and the patient can return home the same day. Follow up consultation on day 2 after the surgery would include the removal of the plasters binding the operated area and replacing it with the compression garment. A compression garment is a tight fitting skin colored shape wear like garment that decreases the incidence of loose skin after the surgery.

For optimal results it should be worn for 24 hrs after the surgery for 1 month and thereafter for 8 hrs as advised by your surgeon. Your treatment would also include scar reduction ointments as well as collagen based skin tightening medications that will be advised if necessary for optimal aesthetically pleasing results.