Despite reasonable level of fitness, dieting and exercise, if you still continue to suffer from disproportionate contours due to localized stubborn fat deposits, Liposuction is best suited.

These are certain overly obese patients who will need a bariatric surgery. However, many of them may be highly motivated to exercise and reduce weight rather than undergo the bariatric surgery but are limited by their huge size and hence restricted mobility. A liposuction initially can render these individuals some shape and enable them to pursue exercise and non surgical weight loss regimens.

Liposuction can also get you those 2 packs or 6 packs – a process referred to as abdominal etching. This is more common in the body building, modeling and film industry than you thought.

Though considered primarily a cosmetic procedure, Liposuction also serves to address a few health conditions.

Gynecomastia. Certain men present with enlarged breasts due to fatty deposits and presence of breast tissue. Liposuction alone or in combination with gland excision procedure alleviates the condition.

Lipodystrophy syndrome. Certain individuals tend to gain fat in one area of the body while simultaneously losing fat in another region due to certain treatments. This redistribution might not be aesthetically appealing and can be addressed with liposuction, followed by grafting of the extracted fat to the desired region.

Lipoedema. It is an abnormal build up of fat cells in extremities and buttocks, often seen in women. Liposuction is the only Holy Grail for such a condition.

Lymphoedema. It is a condition wherein fluid accumulates in certain parts of the body instead of being drained out of the body, most commonly seen in breast cancer survivors. Severe cases are advised liposuction for reducing pain, discomfort and swelling.

Lipomas. In certain conditions referred to as familial multiple lipoma, groups of fat cells tend occur below the skin, producing multiple fatty lumps. It is usually removed using excision, resulting in unsightly scars. However, when these lipomas are more in size and numbers, liposuction serves as an excellent alternative. It decreases surgical time and extent of scarring.