The evolution of the techniques in the war against fat over the last 40 years has enabled removal of fat cells with immense ease, lesser blood loss, reduced discomfort, reduced downtime and most importantly almost nil risk. However, after an initial spree for adopting newer techniques, many surgeons often realize that the type of technique to be adopted is unique for every client.

Irrespective of the advance of techniques, every technique up the ladder of evolution offers very minimal advantage over the earlier technique.

For instance:

  • The skin tightening that latest liposuction techniques offer over the tumescent techniques is very minimal.
  • VASER might be a very effective option in a few people but no surgeon will deny that there are certain instances where it offers very minimal benefit to the client, though at a significant additional cost.

No doubt that the latest techniques help make the surgeon’s job easier. But the primary determinant of the outcome of liposuction is the quality of your surgeon rather than the technique he/she employs. Though most experts do not agree with latest techniques, yet they can produce consistently comparable results with earlier methods. There still continue to be experienced surgeons in the field, who can produce unmatched outcomes using a basic liposuction instrument.

Don’t get carried away or confused with various brand names and marketing tactics. Be open and discuss options, pre and post photos of those treated by the techniques recommended by that surgeon and if possible ask for the opportunity to interact with his / her client who has undergone the procedure for a first hand information.