Pain sensation and skin burnsafter laser hair reduction is common with some types of lasers. This could be avoided by opting for hair removal by diode lasers where the discomfort is very minimal and many a times pain free.These lasers are skin friendly and user friendly and hence both the physician and the patient will be into a comfort zone during and after the procedure.

Diode Lasers are pain free as they pass on the thermal energy more to the melanin in the hair shaft than the melanin in the skin. However, the skin also contains some melanin and must be protected. A sapphire cooling probe (ChillTip) with high thermal conductivity is put in direct contact with the skin. It cools the skin during, and after each laser shot. Moreover pressing the skin during the procedure with the probe also brings a better effect and the patient is comfortable when the probe is chill enough to combat the heat produced.

The sapphire cooling tip and the continuous in motion technique of delivering the laser energy to the hair follicles make the procedure more comfortable and effective for all skin types.