Managing obesity in today’s trend is becoming a nightmare for many who are desired to shed their extra pounds around the tummy, hips, thighs, arms and everywhere. People are quite confused where to start and where to end the weight losing scheme. This is where we made the golden rules to help them. Here we go on how we focus on our clients in helping them to lose weight in a more healthy way.

The importance of losing weight in obese patients:

People who are obese are more likely to develop heart disease and other disorders. Diet can be either a reversal diet or a precautious diet. Reversal diet is for those who have problem [obesity, diabetes, and hypertension] and desired to reverse it. Precautious diet is for those who want to follow dieting in order to avoid getting the problem.

When we say weight loss the first thing which comes in our mind is whether we can do it. We segregate the treatment for obesity into 4 different phases and the facts are meticulously explained.

Phase 1:
Consultation: Here the client meets the doctor and preliminary history is taken. Many are unaware of the cause of the weight gain which will be clarified during the consultation. Blood investigations if any will be asked to carry it over.

Phase 2:
Verification: Reports are verified and all the medical disorders if any present will be explained with the remedy.

Phase 3:
Diet chart and the weight loss protocol will be explained. Exercise and yoga is also a part of the regimen. Multivitamins are prescribed.

Phase 4:
Losing weight is easier than maintaining it for a long period. Hence we concentrate on how to motivate the clients during their maintenance phase.

Once the patient finish the weight loss regimen, he or she is asked to come for a review visit and accordingly the maintenance on how to make their weight stagnant is explained.
Tips to maintain the weight:

  • Say ‘NO’ to high calorie food like rice, wheat, cheese cakes and red meat.
  • Spend decent time in workouts. Physical activity helps you equally as dieting helps you to lose weight.
  • Prefer home-made food.
  • Include fruits, veggies and skinless poultry in your diet.
  • No oil is good. Hence use less oil in your food.