Nearly 70% men suffer from Gynecomastia. These male breasts develop in young boys during their early teens, at the exact time when young boys are turning into men and have a lot of changes happening in their bodies. Hormones go haywire, adding to their confused embarrassment.

“The breast granular tissues expand, giving boys womanly breasts. This physical manifestation at a time when they are most vulnerable, reaches into their psyche, creating complications in the mind. Gynecomastia is caused by imbalance in hormones, where estrogens, female hormone far exceed androgens or male hormones,” says Doctors from Chennai Plastic Surgery.

Other causes for Gynecomastia could be medication, drug abuse or wrongly prescribed supplements for body building. Male breasts cause young boys to get so conscious of their bodies that it borders on obsession. Very sadly some of them take to wearing loose clothes, never undress in public or go swimming in an effort to hide their bodies and hope those breasts will disappear. In some rare cases they do, but in others, they simply stay, making life worse for these youngsters.

Here’s news: it can be cured. Like every problem in life, this too has a solution.

The first thing to do is to consult a good doctor to determine the cause of this growth. Medication may help. Or it may not. In such cases, the only safe option is surgery.

“The procedure is far more developed now than it was in the past, where Gynecomastia surgery would leave marks around the nipples, making it obvious that the man in question has undergone surgery. Besides having to stay away from normal activity like work or study, till his body healed,” says Doctors from Chennai Plastic Surgery.

Today, the scene is different. With Power Assisted Liposuction, the surgery scars are immensely reduced, making it a very attractive option. A tiny 4 mm cut is made at the side of the chest, through which the liposuction cannula is introduced. This then suctions out all the excess fat, and the gland, leaving the patient’s nipples intact, with virtually no scars to show surgery has been performed. There’s more: this is an almost painless procedure. People undergoing Gynecomastia through liposuction at Chennai Plastic Surgery can return to work or their normal activities by the next day.