Everybody after pregnancy goes through a lot of changes in their body. Breasts starts sagging, tummy skin become loose and the muscles supposed to be in the midline will deviate and go to the sides because of the push of the baby during pregnancy. Because of These changes your tummy look big all the time though you do diet and exercise every day.

The reason is not because of fat, it is because of the abdominal muscle weakness as well as Diastasis recti. Centre of the abdominal muscle deviation is called as Diastasis Recti. Because of this you will constantly have a bigger belly which disturbs Psychologically.

Many don’t know how to come out of this issue and hence you need a plastic surgeon’s help. In foreign countries tummy tuck is not uncommon and every an alternate person would have undergone the surgery. But here in India and countries surrounding India people rarely know about tummy tuck.

Understanding your body and keeping it fit before surgery is ideal for overall results. Your haemoglobin has to be above 12 grams for proceeding tummy tuck. Anything below 12 grams might have a chance of blood transfusion post-surgery. Control your blood sugars and hypertension priorly as this badly impacts recovery.

Tummy tuck is removing the excess skin and stitching it. So you might have a mild breathing difficulty post-surgery. To combat that we usually ask you to practice breathing exercise using a triflow meter 1 week before surgery so that your lungs will resist the pressure from the tummy post-surgery.

There are few medications to be followed 1 week before surgery like the vitamin C tablets along with other multivitamins. Arnica tablets are also recommended by homeopathic doctors for reducing the swelling post tummy tuck. Information on the surgical technique will be given on upcoming blogs.