This blog is for all those who are looking forward to lose weight in a healthy, methodical and safe manner. Attaining ideal weight may be relatively demanding for some in comparison to others. This may be due to various reasons: underlying medical disorder (thyroid, diabetes, PCOS etc.), improper diet plan, irregular eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and many more. Therefore, it becomes important to get evaluated in detail before jumping into some fancy diets which seem to have worked for others.

Many are of the notion that if they workout everyday, it is okay to eat how much ever they wish as it would anyway get burnt out. One needs to understand that exercise raises the metabolic capacity of the body, hence it only helps maintain weight rather that lose weight if proper diet is not maintained. Regular exercise also helps tone the muscles and increase strength. Whereas for weight loss one needs to combine diet and exercise.

It is important to know the difference between weight loss and body shaping. Though some people are at their ideal weight, they often have a problem area which never tends to slim down. On the other hand some are overweight and hence need help to lose the extra weight. So if it’s a certain problem area that you are worried about then we at Chennai Plastic Surgery and Cosmoglitz offer both surgical and non-surgical options to cater your needs. Surgically, by Liposuction, we can shape your body by removing the extra fat deposited in particular area(s). Non-surgically, by using ultrasound and radiofrequency, we contour the body and also tighten the skin in the problem areas to a certain extent.

But if overweight is the problem we are looking at, we have a weight loss program which is not only safe but also very effective, backed by scientific evidence. This is in prescribed in combination with a customised diet. The diet provided to each person is carefully crafted as per their daily calorie requirement and the level of daily physical activity. This treatment will ensure weight loss in a schematic manner. This would also prevent loose skin to a certain extent, which is otherwise one of the dreaded side-effects of sudden weight loss. Often weight loss may be accompanied by hair fall, dry skin and mood swings. Hence, we also prescribe multivitamins prophylactically to prevent such problems.

Some may require a combination of treatments to achieve the desirable outcome. This will be decided after a detailed consultation and complete medical evaluation.