Hair fall in new moms

Pregnancy is a precious gift which every woman takes it with pleasure. Though soon after delivering the kid it is certain for the young mother to experience few changes in her body like gaining weight, saggy skin and importantly hair loss.

During pregnancy (very rare) and especially few months post-delivery many women face hair fall issues. This is called the POST NATAL OR POST PARTUM HAIR LOSS and is always distressing. Studies say it is because of the stress, hormonal discrepancies and also due to nutrient loss.

During pregnancy:

There is an increase in the female hormones like the estrogen and progesterone. This will improve the hair strength and the density is maintained throughout the pregnancy. Most of the hair follicle stays in growing phase and does not enter the shedding phase.

After pregnancy:

2 to 3 months post-delivery there is a dip in the estrogen level. Hence the hair follicles switch on to the shedding phase which is the cause for the drastic hair fall. Usually in women 80 to 100 strands of hair shedding in a day is normal even when you are not into post-natal phase. Anything which exceeds the count is abnormal. Post- natal hair loss needs extra care to get stabilized in the long run. This loss of hair is unlikely to be permanent when the treatment is apt and the measures are taken on time. When you feel the hair fall is not stabilized within 3 to 6 months’ time, it is the mandatory to meet your expert for help.


Postpartum hair fall is a physiologic process and usually settles slowly. But a supportive care is necessary to hasten recovery.

  •  Pre-natal care, that is, the care during your pregnancy is more important to reduce the post-natal shedding.
  • Vitamin supplements are important. Consult your doctor for that.
  • Dietary intake plays a vital role in controlling post-natal shedding.
  • Wash your hair with extra gentle care.
  • Avoid chemicals like dyeing or straightening creams which will damage your hair further.