A facelift is a surgical procedure that is performed to address severe signs of facial aging like sagging in the mid-face, jowls, deep facial creases, and folds, and more. No two patients are exactly alike and can have varying levels of facial aging severity. Because of this each facelift performed by our team of expert cosmetic surgeons at Chennai Plastic Surgery is customized based on the needs of each individual patient.

A facelift can be quite an invasive surgical procedure depending on the type of facelift performed. With all facelifts, there is a recovery period that all patients should be prepared for to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

What to Expect During Your Facelift Recovery

Once your facelift is complete, the face will be carefully dressed using bandages that are loosely wrapped around the face in order to provide protection immediately following the procedure and to help minimize any swelling and bruising that will occur around the face.

If needed, a drain will be placed behind the ear. This drain will be placed under the skin and will make it easy to remove any excess fluids that can build up in the face. These drains will be removed during a follow-up visit sometime after your facelift surgery.

You should be able to return home following your facelift surgery. However, it is important that you plan for someone to drive you home after the surgery as you will not be able to drive home on your own.

During your recovery, you can expect to experience some swelling and bruising around the face. Some patients may experience numbness around the face, neck, and earlobes that can last for several weeks. Some patients may also experience a feeling of tightness around various areas of the face like the mouth and neck.

Patients can expect to experience some pain and discomfort during the initial phase of their recovery process. While the pain is typically well tolerated, medication can be provided to increase patient comfort throughout the process.

It is important that you not shower, bath, or submerge your skin under water during the first three days of your facelift recovery. After three days, patients can resume showering though it is recommended that they avoid rubbing, scrubbing, or massaging their face unless advised otherwise by our cosmetic surgeons.

A follow-up visit will be scheduled a day or so after your initial facelift procedure so that the incisions can be checked for any potential complications and to make sure that the fluid in the area is being properly drained. Additional follow-up visits will be scheduled over the coming weeks to ensure the healing process is going well. If you experience any issues or concerns during your recovery, contact your surgeon or doctor as soon as possible.

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