Many of the middle aged women seeks our clinic to swap away the wrinkles around the eyes which gets worsen when they give a broad smile. Just in case if you still haven’t noticed the crow’s feet, it simply means that you are young and you are below 30. Crow’s feet typically starts mild, gradually become more prominent as we age. They are undeniably there and it increases too. Apart from the age changes, crow’s feet has many contributing factors like sun damage, lifestyle changes and yes of course lose in the skin elastic. Why the skin around the eyes age fast and why the crow’s feet appears? There are causes to give more work to your skin every time you smile, yawn or repeatedly do expressions. Generally your skin is very supple in rest of areas of face except around the eyes. The skin is very thin and gentle around your eyes and hence ages fast loses fat and becomes dry resulting in wrinkles.

So how to reverse the crease? Some creams are well tolerated by individuals to mask their crease, and some respond well for makeups. And for many injectables tackles takes the call. If you say yes then injectable Botox causes wonders.

Botox is now being used for more than 100 new complaints, treating crow’s feet the more. This anti-wrinkle injections are injected to the desired area to make it look wrinkle free. Botox injections sounds scary but are actually not. They fall into the day care procedure. They effectively relaxes the muscles causing the crease to vanish give a more refined look. Though the effects are temporary it serves many purpose like,

  • Makes your skin more youthful
  • Refreshes the skin around the eye region
  • Smoother looking skin on which the makeup slips on easily over it without any patchy look.