Multiple lipoma is one condition that in our experience we have seen so many suffer silently , not knowing there is a solution or afraid of the multiple scars in the body. They suffer from low self esteem, not able to sometimes wear clothes of their choice, they always have people in public places and family gatherings pointing to their swellings and sometimes indicating it could be cancer. These and many more are the usual complaints that patients tell when in consultation.

When we suffer with a single swelling that appears in our body, we are troubled. It must be so much more difficult for these patients who sometimes have the entire body covered with multiple swellings. So, if we have to think in their regard, multiple questions need an answer. Is the regular treatment of excision of each swelling with a separate incision , the only solution? Is this treatment justified to these patients ? Can there be something less disfiguring and more aesthetic?

After a lot of thinking and using the various modalities available to us, an operation technique was figured in chennai plastic surgery. The idea was to limit the number of incisions , therefore the scars, to make it aesthetic and acceptable for these patients.

Using the help of one incision , liposuction was done to surrounding areas, this created tunnels and freed the lipoma from its neighbouring attachments, then released them further if needed and squeezed them out through the incisions . Through one such incision we could remove lipomas over a five centimeter radius. Initially, we employed the power assisted device for liposuction , the results were good. Usually one fears will the liposuction specially in areas like arms and thighs damage important nerves and vessels? Be rest assured , it doesn’t ! With expertise, proper technique and the blunt cannulas this does not occur.

However, now we use vaser liposuction , which has added a lot more benefits to the technique. There is more precision, less postoperative side effects like swelling, bruising and the recovery is faster. This operation technique we have employed over the last few years over many multiple lipoma patients and seen promising results. This idea we have formulated as a research paper and it is published in a prestigious international journal, hoping to help more practitioners employ this technique and help many such patients. Find the link below and read to know more –