Rhinoplasty is a surgery to alter the shape of a nose- either for medical reasons or to conceal a disfigurement. There are several reasons to opt for Rhinoplasty. There are advantages and disadvantages to undergoing Rhinoplasty.

It’s important to consult a reputed and experienced doctor who specializes in Rhinoplasty. If needed, a prospective candidate for Rhinoplasty must seek a second opinion before submitting for a surgery. It’s a question of a drastic makeover which not only involves time, money, and emotional energy.

Rhinoplasty must be done from a hospital/clinic with a good track record of experienced doctors, successful surgeries, and satisfied patients. It’s not only expensive but also an emotional exhaustive experience for the patient and family.

First of all, the patient must educate himself/herself about the medical condition. The patient must have a clear understanding of his / her dilemma to be conveyed to the medical practitioner. Unless all the facts of medical conditions are not conveyed properly, the doctor may not be in a position to diagnose and propose a solution. In fact, the doctor would also want to know and be doubly sure of the patient’s depth of awareness and determination to rise above all odds.

The scars of surgery remain for a very long time and patients must know this beforehand. They must clearly communicate to get the best results before opting for a Rhinoplasty surgery. It’s not just a matter of money nor perceived ‘good looks’ but an overall aspect where several factors must be thought of and planned in the right manner.