Rhinoplasty is one of the most artistic and highly challenging aesthetic procedure done worldwide. It can reshape your nose and in some instances it can correct breathing problems also. According to ASAPS in 2015, 145000 people have done their nose job not only for cosmetic reasons but to improve the breathing.

Anyone Can Do It? And How Safe is Rhinoplasty?

To be on the safer side, choose a surgeon who is skilled and an expert in the field of Rhinoplasty with a good track record. It is a complex and a demanding operation. Hence all precautions are to be taken before and after surgery to get optimal results for the indented results you desire.

Male and Female Rhinoplasty. Is It the Same?

Definitely not. Ideally a male nose is strong and maintains a straight profile. The nasal tip is neutral and it is not rotated upwards. But to achieve a feminine nose a low straight profile with a narrow nasal bone is required. The frontal angle has to blend elegantly with the facial aesthetics.

Is Surgery the Only Option?

For longer lasting results – yes.

Depending on the extent of the deformities, you can try a nonsurgical nose job. But it will last for not more than 18 months. It is purely a temporary option. Cost effective with rapid recovery.

Will Rhinoplasty Leave Behind a Scar Always?

The scars will be located inside the nasal cavity. It will not be visible. But they do exist. It can be concealed inside along the creases.

Is a Redo Always Needed Following Rhinoplasty?

It happens only when you fail to adhere to the strict post operative instructions given to you. However, 10 % of cases may need a touch up later on if you are not happy with the results and for refinement. This happens because you cannot predict how the nasal dynamics change over a period of time in the healing process. For the best surgical outcome, you have to wait patiently atleast for a period of one year to consider a revision. Please give enough time for the swelling to subside. The nasal tip swelling is the last to disappear.

Is There Always a Risk of General Anaesthesia?

General Anesthesia is safe provided you have been evaluated for any risk factors before the surgery. Only 0.002% of the cases gone wrong have been reported due to risk of anaesthesia.

The Result of Weight Loss on Rhinoplasty

Maintaining your weight after surgery will definitely benefit the way it looks. If you put on weight post Rhinoplasty, it will impact your facial proportions. As age advances the tip may droop because of loss of support. Hence maintain an ideal weight to benefit from surgery for years to come.

Rhinoplasty Will Affect Singing Is That So?

It is generally accepted that Rhinoplasty will not affect your voice. However if you have a gross deviated nasal septum corrected during surgery, it will definitely improve the nasal resonance of your voice. It is very important to safe guard the vocal cords during the anaesthesia while placing the endotrachael tube both during intubation and while extubating. It cannot change your sense of smell.

Can I Ask for Any Nose I Want?

The reality is everyone has a different face and nose. Always there are some limitations. If you are realistic with your expectation, definitely you will be happy with the surgical outcome and the final results achieved.

Will My New Nose Looks Obvious?

The best compliment is when your friends tell you that you look better but cannot make out that you had a nose job. That will be the ultimate success of your Rhinoplasty.

Recovery Is Painful. Is That So?

In the initial phase, don’t get freaked out seeing the swelling and bruising. Be patient for the swelling to subside. By following simple tips like by sleeping with head elevated, sodium free diet, cold compress, minimising sun exposure and strict adherence to your surgeons post operative instructions, definitely you will have a smooth recovery.

Hence to wind up, it is a highly challenging job as even a subtle change can bring out a dramatic change to your dream nose. Be reassured if some perceived imperfections are as they will continue to improve. Never shop on price and cheap deals.

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