How to Feel Refreshed and Erase Sleep Wrinkles

Sleep is more vital for every human being. An average person sleeps for about 2500 hours per year. It is during which your body repairs at cellular level. It helps to rejuvenate your skin which had been affected by the environment. A minimum of 7 hours is needed to achieve an ultimate skin healing. A recent study has found out how your sleep contributes to the formation of the sleep wrinkles. The mechanism is while you sleep the contact with your pillow. This can lead to stretching and compression forces on your skin and causes wrinkles during sleep. No one remains in the same during sleep, we keep on changing the position. The number of position shifts is reduced in a person then loner the person is in a particular position during the fixed sleep period. This will lead to breakdown of Elastin and Collagen. This breakdown depends on the amount of pressure you exert on the pillow. This over a period of time causes permanent wrinkles.

What is so unique of this sleep wrinkles?

This sleep lines are seen typically in a vertical direction by which they are different from expression lines. Commonly seen in chin and cheek area. They cannot be improved by botox injection but Fillers will help to achieve improvement. In some individuals a face lift procedure will do their job to erase it. In younger skin it disappears. But becomes permanent in ageing skin due to reduced Elastin content.

Hence how to prevent it?

Sleep on your back instead of pressing your face, it has an added advantage of beauty benefits in keeping your skin firm and clear.

A well supportive anti-wrinkle pillow can be used. Pillow of satin fibre or copper threaded is ideal. The science behind these is it helps to stay in your position of choice without compression. However people with sleep Apnea, Gastric reflux pregnant women and people with neck problems should not lie on their back.

Hence thanks to Dr. Stegman who observed these wrinkles in sleep behavior and documented the sleep lines which leads to the formation of compression wrinkles that become permanent as we age. Many studies and evidence claim that a special pillow prevents these wrinkles have been presented. However prolonged human studies are required further to elucidate the role of sleeping and the appearance of sleep lines. Have a good healthy diet and drink plenty of water to make your skin hydrated. Do maintain a healthy glowing skin by incorporating a good cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen included in your daily skin care routine. You will definitely say good bye and erase your wrinkles and look younger for your biological age.

Fight the ageing while sleeping. Feel refreshed.
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