[Multiple Lipoma]

I visited Chennai Plastic Surgery to have my multiple lipomas removed. The decision to have my lipomas removed to surgery was 48 hours and I was impressed how fast the CPS team come together. From the preoperative care of calling me overseas to advise what needs to be done and what to expect plus arranging airport pickup and arranging hotel accommodation to the postoperative care of ensuring that I am keeping well and delivering the medication to the hotel – all of this is above-par excellence. I would personally recommend Dr. Karthik and Dr. Arvind for their skills, personal care and concern, and empathy towards me, as their patient. They made me feel comfortable and less anxious surgically. They also were willing to do more than I asked for. No surgery is ever complete without postoperative care. The team of Prithviraj, Waseem, Remia, Sumitha, Maragatham, and Lakshmi & Vinod were following up to ensure all goes well. Kudos to the team. There are always areas that can be improved & this feedback has been given to Dr. Arvind & Dr. Karthik & we hope that this is taken into account. In addition to this, we were only surprised that we were charged 3% for using our credit card when no other hotel or restaurant in Chennai charged us extra for this. Overall, in summary, a good team of people who know what they are doing & have inculcated the core culture completely.