Hello sir!


Q: It’s just been 2 days since your Male breast correction or Gynecomastia surgery got over. How do you feel now?
A: I am fine.

Q: I would just like to understand a few things. What were the issues you used to face before undergoing the surgery?
A: So many problems I was facing. I can’t go without my shirts and all. So I planned to go to for the surgery. I referred so many hospital through website. Through my friends I heard Chennai Plastic Surgery is doing good so I took the number of the doctor and just called him. Just came with some question, he explained well which was good. So I planned to go for the surgery.

Q: Are they any factor that made to choose Chennai Plastic Surgery over the rest of the clinics?
A:I heard Chennai Plastic Surgery is very good in doing these surgeries. So I went for the surgery.

Q: Was the procedure very painful?
A: No it was not very painful. The actual procedure time just took about for only half an hour. After half an hour it was very good. There was not much pain.

Q: How quick was the recovery?
A: Recovery was very quick. Within 15 – 20 min after the surgery I was awaken. There was not much pain.

Q: Were you given adequate instructions after the surgery?
A: Ya. They prepared chart and gave whatever you should follow and I followed the instructions.

Q: How satisfied are you after the surgery?
A: I am 100% satisfied with the surgery and the results are very good.

Q:How would you like to rate the transparency of the protocol, the pricing etc that were being followed here?
A:Compared to other hospital it is very cheap, it is very good. The pricing is very low too.

Q:How would you like to rate your overall experience on the scale of 1 to 10?
A:I can give 10 out of 10

Q:Would you and why would you recommend Chennai Plastic Surgery to anyone else?
A:Because the treatment timing is so short. So I recommend Chennai Plastic Surgery to anybody to come.

Q:Is there anything else that u like to tell our team or the doctors?
A:The team of doctors are very good and Dr,Karthik is very friendly. And team of doctors was also very friendly. They supported me well.

Thank you so much sir
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