[Liposuction – Tummy Liposuction]

I choose Dr.Karthik for the brutal honesty and transparency in his dealing with patients. In commercialized world, people like him are rare and very inspiring. A surgeon sees through his eyes every problem but Dr.Karthik can see the patient as if it is his own body and guide them for a holistic health.

Surgeons heal the body but his discipline heals the body, mind and self. His commitment to his profession and value shows in his ever calm, smiling character and cool confidence. His pioneering work in this field and his vision will bring great value to his patients.

On his team, as a leader him team is a cheerful and smart people.
Dr.Arvind – Jovial and compassionate.
Manger Simron – Guard the fort and manage operations effectively.
Sister Lakshmi – Enthusiastic
Brother Prithvi – Spring of energy
Sister Jestilla – Veteran and Humble
I really felt that I choose the correct surgeon, clinic and team and Yes. It was proven beyond doubt that I had an exceptional experience of professionalism and care.