Male Chest Correction[Male Chest Correction]

This is just a normal guy next door from Chennai.

Right from my childhood I noticed something different in my body when compared to other boys of my age. In the beginning it was normal, later it turned into symbol of mockery. I had huge fat in my chest which started looking like breast. To add more pain my right side was bigger than left.

Due to this I have always avoided going out & mingling with people. The night when 7-9 boys pinched my chest during 10h vacation is still one of the worst incidents I had.

I started hitting the gym right from my 12th. Things were going fine till I was working out. But to add misery I met with the accident in college 2nd year. Got a hairline crack in my knee. The doctor suggested not to do workout for atleast a year. Bad days were back, had to wear tight inner wear to hide the secret.
After college joined a production company for ITI level job. As you know BE candidates don’t get job that easily. Should stand still & assemble valves for 9hours altogether. First month slight back ache, second month severe, third month disc bulge L4 & L5 were severely damaged.

Joined a college as lecturer. Less physical work started putting weight gradually. Now I started looking like polar bear with the huge chest 88kgs.

I lost confidence, self-respect, everything. I was just 25yrs but was looking like 35+ uncle. I was so depressed that i stopped looking at mirror & buying clothes. I will wear anything available & just go away.

On Sept 2014, I joined a MNC. Now I am an IT guy working in cool environment. No dress code. Wear T-shirt & shorts. All my colleagues are in casuals & I am the odd one out wearing loose oversized shirts. I tried yoga, jogging etc. No use.

I wear specks. I was surfing the internet for Lasik. That’s when I somehow got into plastic surgery & I came to know about Gynecomastia & Liposuction.
As normal human being I first tried to find out all +ve’s possible of it and side effects. When I discussed with friends (close buddy) he also suggested not to go for it. But I had nothing to lose. Bad shape, huge chest, overweight to add it severe back pain.

So I went ahead saved my income & started searching for the best place to undergo lipo & Gynecomastia. Reviews price etc etc.

I saw Chennai Plastic Surgery videos in youtube. The guts to show the world what they practice attracted me. I fixed an appointment and waited for a month. I met Dr. Arvind maharaj. I was skeptical as this is not the guy I saw on video and he himself was plumpy. But he explained the process, outcome and in case worst scenarios. I was totally convinced. This is it !

I had surgery on Jan 8th with medicines & diet my chest is completely flat. My shirt size reduced from 42 to 38 & pant size from 40 to 36, even 34 fits me. Even my back pain gone  I am 78kgs now in just 2 months.

I can’t explain how it feels. I am so active, my skin started to glow, full of confidence. Previously no one will come for dinner in office now I am surrounded by people.I wear tight T shirt, skin fit jeans. Atleast I spend 15mins before mirror admiring myself.

Thank you’ will be a small word & injustice to the help Dr.Karthik, Dr.Arvind & Dr.Yamini has done to me. I will remember them in my prayers & may the light of Almighty be upon them. I wish CPS and the entire team a lot more success, goodness & happiness.