Hello. My name is Tommy Jaeger. I come from Denmark and I have been treated here for Multiple Lipomas.

  1. Sir, how long have you been having multiple lipomas?
    Well, it started when I was 9 years old and then they have just kept growing more and more throughout the years and I am 41 years now.
  2. Have you been treated earlier? And if yes, when and where? How successful was it?
    I only have been treated only once before and it was also this year. But it was just a small surgery where they had just removed like 4 different Lipomas.
  3. How did you get to know about Chennai Plastic Surgery ?
    I was reading a lot about the subject on the internet and talking with the surgeons in Denmark. And then I found out Chennai Plastic Surgery does a procedure where he uses liposuction and then squeezes out the Lipomas afterwards. This means that you don’t get as many scars and that’s why I thought that would appeal to me.
  4. Are there any factors that made you choose Chennai Plastic Surgery over the other centers?
    The main reason was the procedure. Because I did not want to have so many scars. They removed almost 300 Lipomas and may be I have like 20 scars… small… very small nicks now. So that was first of all the procedure.
  5. What were your preconceived notions about the surgery and how different was it from your earlier surgery?
    Well, it was a lot different because the earlier surgery was only done by local anesthetics but this time it was full and a lot more Lipomas.
  6. How transparent were the pricing, the pre & post treatment protocols etc?
    I think it has been very good. I have been communicating via e-mail and telephone before I came down here to India. So it has been very transparent and we had a deal before I came here. So it was nice.
  7. How would you like to rate your experience on a scale of about 1 to 5?
    Well, that would be a 5 because everybody here has been so nice. I am giving it a 5 and I recommend it to anyone else suffering from Multiple Lipomas.
  8. Is there anything else that you would like to add, that I have not yet asked about?
    Just that it has been a very very positive experience so far and I recommend it a step before to everybody. The surgeons are very skillful and all the nurses and the staff and the team are so helpful. So I can recommend it for everybody.