[Gynecomastia – Male chest correction & Buttock Fat Fill]

Chennai Plastic Surgery provided my partner and I with an unforgettable yet, affordable QUALITY experience that met or surpassed all of our expectations, regarding all aspects of the occasion. We were foreigners in a foreign country, and in collaboration with SafeMediTours, http://safemeditour.com Chennai Plastic Surgery made us feel at home in our, strange new environment for the eleven days we resided in Chennai, India. The staff was very friendly and professional… (not a fake friendly, but an “I love what I do for a living.” friendly. ) And, just for the record, they did not slack off professional wise either… Im talking about; Dr. Karthik Ram and Dr. Arvind Maharaj. Both did and OUTSTANDING job, with EVERTHING. After briefly consulting with Dr. Ram, whom eased our burning questions and concerns with a cool calming tip of a marker, we drifted into happy-time-slumber-land, (‘under the knife’…a hello and high-five to the anesthesiologist.) I went in for a male breast reduction, while my partner went in for a buttocks fat transfer. Needless to say, Dr. Arvind Maharaj did an AMAZING job and the both of us came out with our heads held high. Overall, although this was indeed, my first plastic surgical experience, I’d rate this clinic a 9.0 on the 10 scale. I mean, it’s not Beverly hills, but you can expect excellent expertise at an affordable price. As far as transparency, they were very forthcoming about all expenses required for the procedures, so there were no hidden fees to worry about when we got there. Very good communication, by the way. I also did my share of harassing clinics on a global scale, and after comparing dozens of inquiry responses, I am pleased to say my gut instincts didn’t steer me wrong with, Chennai Plastic Surgery. Plus I got to see India for.