Wishing Friday would come quickly, I kept looking at myself in the mirror like never before. Is there a tightening around the mouth? The eyes? Didn’t look like it.

“Is my skin looking different?” My husband and family got that every time they glanced my way. Sometimes even when they did not even look at me.

“Your skin is shining,” the girl with the probe said.”
Look at the photographs,” she showed them to me.

“No, Ma. It. Does. Not.” Both my girls said in unison like they had it all planned.

Hubby was a little more diplomatic. “It takes time,” he said trying to sound sympathetic. But me, being the perceptive woman I am could sense the underlying impatience.

“Do you see a change in my face?” I asked Dermatologist friend, when she came across to meet me on an entirely different matter. She peered into my face and tried her best to find something different.

“No….Have you done something?” She asked, tentative, diplomatic.

“Yes. Exilis.” That was me trying my best not to feel bad.

“Ah. Ok. That takes a minimum of six weeks to show results. The collagen needs time to get regenerated and show on the surface of the skin.” Dermatologist explained.


Friday arrived. I drank as much water as I could get into me before my Exilis tryst.

“Your skin is shining,” the girl with the probe said. Well, maybe.

“Look at the photographs,” she showed them to me. The display was too small and I did not have my glasses on.

“Thank you,” I smiled, obediently lying on my back and wait for Exilis to its job. The heat from the probe needed to be pumped up a bit, and the whole procedure went off without a hitch.

Some more water went down. Nobody said anything. It was like they were used to seeing glowing skins around the Chennai Plastic Surgery center. Just for good measure, before I left the procedure room, I patted the Exilis lovingly, asking it to work better next week.

No tight skin in car this time. It happened the next day.

Week six couldn’t arrive fast enough for me.