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The Importance of Breast Reduction Surgery

Pumpkins on a female breast, concept silicone breast and plastic surgery

If you are experiencing physical, social, and/or emotional issues as a result of oversized breasts, it may be time to consider undergoing breast reduction surgery. Women with breasts several sizes too large for their body often suffer from chronic pain, rashes, posture issues, and more. A breast reduction relieves unwanted and unnecessary discomfort. Also called […]

When It Comes to Sagging Breasts, A Breast Lift Is Ideal

Close up photo of young sexy brunette touching her body

With the development of highly advanced surgical procedures, it is now possible to restore the youthful and perky appearance of breasts. Each year, a wide variety of women undergo breast lift procedures to achieve perkier and shapelier breasts. Why Do Breasts Sag? There are several factors that contribute to degradation in the structural firmness and […]

What Is Tumescent Liposuction Like?

Excess body weight of a man with his hands touching fat on his stomach

Tumescent liposuction is a modern fat-reduction technique that can target stubborn fatty deposits in numerous areas of the body. This technique is superior to traditional liposuction because of its unique process that makes use of lidocaine and epinephrine. Patients who undergo tumescent liposuction find recovery easier and more comfortable, and they typically experience more aesthetically […]

Managing Excess Skin After Gynecomastia Surgery

Caucasian man without shirt with hands on chest, isolated on gra

Grade 3 Gynecomastia is characterised by moderate to significant breast enlargement with excess skin. Grade 4 Gynecomastia is defined by significant breast enlargement with a substantial amount of excess skin that resembles sagging female breasts. Most often, when candidates with Grade 3 and Grade male breasts undergo Gynecomastia Surgery, further loosening and sagging of the […]

Does Gynecomastia Surgery cause loss of nipple sensation?

A lot of people are worried about the restoration of sensation around the nipple and areola complex following gland removal in male breast surgery. One should understand that the nipple areola sensation in men with Gynecomastia is predominantly the gland sensation. They might have been experiencing a little erotic sensation prior to the surgery. When […]

What Can I Do About My Facial Wrinkles?

Beauty Portrait Of Smiling Nude Middle Aged Woman With Short Haircut

Have you noticed that you are spending more and more time looking in the mirror at your crow’s feet, frown lines, and other facial wrinkles? While aging is a natural part of life, those unsightly lines and wrinkles are not always something you want to see. Thankfully, you can reduce the appearance of your facial […]

Full and Beautiful Lips with Lip Augmentation

Close-up portrait of attractive girl with fuller lips, touching chin

Are you unhappy with the way your lips look? A lot of women and men feel like their lips are too thin and lack that smooth and plump appearance that can add so much to their entire look. In these cases, the size and appearance of the lips can be enhanced through lip augmentation. This […]

Recovering from a Facelift

Woman beauty healthy clean skin, hand touching face

A facelift is a surgical procedure that is performed to address severe signs of facial aging like sagging in the mid-face, jowls, deep facial creases, and folds, and more. No two patients are exactly alike and can have varying levels of facial aging severity. Because of this each facelift performed by our team of expert […]

Which Breast Procedure Is Right for Me?

A lot of women in the world are not quite happy with the appearance of their breasts, but the aesthetic issues they have with them are not always related to their small size. While breast augmentation is one of the most popular breast procedures, many women are unhappy with the overall shape and appearance of […]

Is Blepharoplasty Right for Me?

Close-up portrait of Caucasian middle-aged woman showing expression lines around eyes. Signs of aging on the face.

Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is a popular cosmetic procedure that can help to rejuvenate the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. The eyelids are one of the areas of the face that can be heavily affected by aging and other factors that can lead to issues like eyelid sagging and puffy bags […]

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