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Chennai Plastic Surgery Blog

How to prepare your skin before a chemical peel

Adequate priming of the skin for at least 2-4 weeks prior to peel and discontinuing 3-5 days before the procedure is of vital importance.[5] Priming is done by application of depigmenting agents such as hydroquinone or retinoic acid and use of sunscreens. Patient should be instructed not to bleach, wax, scrub, massage or use depilatories […]

Do You Have Sunken Undereyes?

Have your eyes started to look more hollowed and sunken as you have gotten older? The reason for this is simple. As you age, volume is slowly lost in the face. When volume loss occurs in the areas underneath the lower eyelids, it causes the skin to sink, which give the eyes an aged and […]

What Can I Do About My Unsightly Mole?

Sometimes it’s the smallest of issues that seem to really get stuck in our minds. Have you ever had a mole or skin tag that made you feel self-conscious about your appearance? It’s small things like this that can have a big impact on our self-image. At Chennai Plastic Surgery, we understand that even the […]


Smoker’s lines are developed when the muscle around the mouth is active during puckering, like when you smoke a cigarette. These are deep lines around the mouth. However smoking is not the only time our muscles around the mouth make this movement. These lines around the mouth are formed the same way as the lines […]

Debunking Hair-Loss Myths

While the internet can be a great resource for learning, it can be easy to end up with misleading, unverified, and false information. This is especially true when it comes to common myths about the causes of hair loss. You might have come across some sites that state that common causes of hair loss include […]

You Don’t Have to Let Your Thinning Hair Ruin Your Self-Confidence

Whether you’re young or old, losing your hair can be a difficult thing to deal with. Your hair plays a big role when it comes to your overall appearance, and unless your preferred hairstyle is a shaved head, you want as much hair to work with as possible. If you’re bothered by the thinning appearance […]

Understanding the Kind of Results Liposuction Provides

One of the best ways to guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of a procedure is by understanding what the procedure is designed to accomplish. A lot of people have the impression that liposuction is a viable weight-loss procedure, but this is not the case. Liposuction does involve the removal of excess […]

What Can I Do About the Hump on the Bridge of My Nose?

Have you always disliked the large hump on the bridge of your nose? A large nasal hump can be hereditary or can form as the result of an injury to the nose during development. Whatever the cause of the issue is, it can be removed through rhinoplasty. The bridge of the nose is composed of […]

Why a Facelift Is Your Ideal Choice for Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation

If your face has taken on a noticeably aged appearance, it may be time to consider getting a facelift. The facelift procedure may be the best option for comprehensive facial rejuvenation, because it addresses the three main issues that rob your face of its youthful beauty. Loose sagging skin, stretched-out facial muscles, and excess fat […]


Liposuction the well-known cosmetic surgical procedure which contours your body by removing the excess fat which gets accumulated between the skin and the muscle. Usually some fat cells are stubborn and will not respond to workouts and dieting. So, liposuction is a tool to remove these stubborn fat in your body and it aids to […]

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