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Chennai Plastic Surgery Blog

Understanding the Kind of Results Liposuction Provides

One of the best ways to guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of a procedure is by understanding what the procedure is designed to accomplish. A lot of people have the impression that liposuction is a viable weight-loss procedure, but this is not the case. Liposuction does involve the removal of excess […]

What Can I Do About the Hump on the Bridge of My Nose?

Have you always disliked the large hump on the bridge of your nose? A large nasal hump can be hereditary or can form as the result of an injury to the nose during development. Whatever the cause of the issue is, it can be removed through rhinoplasty. The bridge of the nose is composed of […]

Why a Facelift Is Your Ideal Choice for Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation

If your face has taken on a noticeably aged appearance, it may be time to consider getting a facelift. The facelift procedure may be the best option for comprehensive facial rejuvenation, because it addresses the three main issues that rob your face of its youthful beauty. Loose sagging skin, stretched-out facial muscles, and excess fat […]


Liposuction the well-known cosmetic surgical procedure which contours your body by removing the excess fat which gets accumulated between the skin and the muscle. Usually some fat cells are stubborn and will not respond to workouts and dieting. So, liposuction is a tool to remove these stubborn fat in your body and it aids to […]

Do You Wish Your Breasts Had a Fuller Appearance?

Do you wish your breasts had a fuller appearance? Some women have a lack of fullness at the top of their breasts that gives them an unattractive or undesirable shape. Other women may want breasts that have an overall fuller and rounder appearance. You should know that breast implants are not your only option for […]

Men: Don’t Feel Like Taking Off Your Shirt Because of Your Man Boobs?

Have you been hitting the gym every day so that your body can look tight and toned by the time summer comes around? There are a lot of men who struggle with the appearance of their chest, even if they work out regularly. This can make it difficult for them to feel comfortable without a […]

Breast Liposuction

Women with large breasts (macromastia) suffer from both physical as well as psychological effects. They usually face problems such as shoulder pain, back pain, inability to fit into right clothes, lack of confidence, depression, marital disputes etc. The best way to treat macromastia is surgical, either by breast reduction or by a tumescent liposuction. In […]

A Migraine Is Not Just a Bad Headache

A lot of people are under the impression that a migraine is just a bad headache. While the two issues are very similar, they are not quite the same. A migraine can produce a number of other painful and uncomfortable symptoms that make it much harder to manage. People who experience migraines will often experience […]


Hair fall in new moms Pregnancy is a precious gift which every woman takes it with pleasure. Though soon after delivering the kid it is certain for the young mother to experience few changes in her body like gaining weight, saggy skin and importantly hair loss. During pregnancy (very rare) and especially few months post-delivery […]

Restoring the Appearance of Your Body After Major Weight Loss

When overweight individuals drop massive amounts of body fat, it produces a number of noticeable aesthetic changes to the body. One of the largest impacts it has is on the appearance of skin all around your body. Many patients will notice large amounts of loose excess skin in areas like their upper arms, thighs, abdomen, […]

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