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Vision Mission & Values India


“To deliver quality aesthetic procedures at international standards for the enhancement of individuals in a comfortable, friendly and confidential environment”


  • To expand our clinical services in other cities to reach needy clients at same standards
  • To create positive awareness among public through various platforms
  • Extensive education programmes for the staffs and doctors to deliver high-standard of services
  • To transform self-image of individuals and motivate to adopt a healthy life-style


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Transparency of procedures
  • Quality
  • Responsibility

Themed around bringing the innate beauty that lies within every single person, Chennai Plastic Surgery has a handpicked team of highly qualified and committed people. Each one of them shares the same vision and drive.

Every staff member at the CPS center shares a sense of commitment. They also share the ability to think out of the box, with one common goal: Your sense of self. Because you are beautiful. And bringing out that inner beauty is the Chennai Plastic Surgery’s very reason for existence.

At Chennai Plastic Surgery each doctor is highly qualified and an expert in their field. For every one of them, the patient experience and results are of utmost importance.

Together we work towards a common goal.

Individual Results May Vary
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