Liposuction for Persons Commited to Weight Loss

Let’s face it. Liposuction is not for those who believe that all their excess weight will be zapped out in one session. Instead it is meant for those who are committed to a weight loss plan and see Liposuction as a motivating factor that will help them achieve the body of their dreams.

“I tell all my patients that they cannot lose more than two to three kilos through liposuction,” says Dr. R. Karthik, Liposuction expert and Chennai based Cosmetic Surgeon.“Just the other day, I had a patient coming to me asking me to ‘take off’ ten kgs from her stomach, another five each from her arms, hips and legs,” he smiles.

“Once you go through liposuction, you have to watch what you eat like a hawk. No more binges. Exercise – 45 minutes of it – five days a week is quite simply, a must,” says Dr. Karthik, who has on his team a panel of experts, including a nutritionist. She makes customized diet plans for all his liposuction patients.

“I don’t want them coming back to me with fat accumulated in other parts of their bodies,” smiles this dedicated surgeon who sometimes refuses to do Liposuction on people who don’t understand the nuances of the procedure till they get it. Many times it has taken more than a couple of hours for the patient to fully understand what Liposuction will do for them.

“I went to Dr. Karthik with this huge smile as I had expected to lose all the ten kgs of excess weight that I was carrying around after I had my baby,” says Anuradha*. “Although Dr. Karthik was friendly and all, he was very clear that the ten kgs of excess weight was my responsibility alone. He would help me with the stubborn fat deposits around my waist. That would probably reduce a couple of kgs of fat but nothing more, he told me.”

Initially Anuradha was disappointed. Today, she has dropped the extra weight and could well pass off for a college girl, but that is due to her commitment. She eats small portions of the right food at least five times a day and exercises regularly.

“I believe in doing yoga rather than gymming,” she confesses. “My weight has come down drastically, I am far more flexible and – most important of all – I can wear my college jeans quite comfortably.”

*Name changed to protect privacy.