Hi there everyone, Greetings from Chennai Plastic Surgery,

This blog is being written with the idea to bring some clarity to the various modalities of treatment for a person with hairfall and complete hairloss (baldness).

The diagram is a representation of the various levels of treatment that can be tried.

The starting phase that is universal for all people is medications; among them are minoxidil and finestride that are FDA approved. These two medications control and in quite a few patients reverse the hairfall and hairloss but have a clear pattern of side effects.

Many clinicians opt for other medications like supplements, aminoacis and peptide sprays and shampoos though these medications are not as potent as minoxidil and finastride they are clearly devoid of the side effects and are potent enough to arrest hair loss and maintain hair if not reverse hair loss.

The second level of treatment is usually that of scalp stimulation done with derma roller or low energy lasers which help to increase blood flow to the scalp there by bringing in more blood to the scalp and more growth factors and nutrients (which are in platelets) for hair growth.

The third level is directly injecting the growth factors and nutrients that are in the platelet by concentrating the platelets and injecting them which is called the PLATELET RICH PLASMA THERAPY.

All these modalities are useful to reduce hairfall, return the thinning hair to their original size therby showing an increase in hair volume and density. They are to be followed regularly, require multiple treatment sessions and will take atleast a few months to show significant results.

But for people who have completely lost hair the only option left is the hair transplant. Hair transplant is done by two common methods which are the STRIP method or FUT and the SCARLESS method or FUE. The choices between the procedures are more technical than just the presence or absence of the scar and the decision is made based on a more individual level than a matter of choice.

If you are not ready for the rigors of these treatments the other option is using wigs or hair attachments but they can cause modifications in the scalp and hair over a long period of time.