Hair Fall Management India

Most men and women experience hair shedding and hair thinning after puberty. It becomes a psychosocial concern when it starts at teens. Androgenetic alopecia (male –pattern baldness) is the most common cause of hair loss in male patients. Some females also suffer hair thinning and shedding induced by androgens referred as female-pattern baldness. Early baldness will respond to medical treatment Other causes includes medical illness, pregnancy, stress, alopecia areata ( patchy hair loss), traction alopecia and scarring alopecia (destruction of hair follicles) At Chennai Plastic Surgery, we offer variety of treatments for hair related disorders.We analyse your hair fall and offer you the best-suited treatment such as:

  • Effective medical treatment at early stages of hair fall
  • Hair care products to strengthen hair and minimise hair fall
  • Hair transplantation for prominent baldness
  • Non-surgical hair restoration with hair pieces and synthetic hair fibres for patients with wide baldness and alopeci