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Facial contouring or facial slimming is a procedure by which one can achieve a more defined facial structure in a non-surgical way. This is not a fiction but fact. Here in our center we offer a sandwich technique which directly impacts on the contours of the face to obtain the optimal results.

The masseter is a main muscle which is in the jaw region which helps in chewing. Hyperactive muscle tends to become bulky as years pass by. And when you feel you have a broad lower face, probably it is because of masseteric hypertrophy. The well-known BOTOX is an injectable solution used here at first place to reduce the bulkiness of the main muscle which is used by a human to chew. This will relax the muscle and shows less visibility of the muscle under the skin giving your jaws a contour. This also extends and slims your face.

So How This Works?

BOTOX inhibits the muscle activity in a safe way, in turn allows the muscle to relax rendering the needed facial slimming effect in a few sessions. May be we could say this as a permanent remedy after a few sessions. Not only muscle atrophy but even bone atrophy happens [note: bone modification happens after years of immobilization]. So what is the theory behind this? The shape of any bone in the human body will change when the force of the muscle acting upon it changes. The same way BOTOX relaxes the muscle and gives jaw contouring by reducing the bulkiness of the muscle and gradually reshaping the jaw bone over a few years.

What Else Could Be Done to Achieve a Contoured Face?

The non-surgical ‘square jaw’ reshaping can also be treated with a few sessions of radiofrequency which tightens the jaw region delivering the desired contoured facial shape along with the effects of BOTOX. Lipolytic injections also plays a vital role in facial slimming by reducing the cheek fat and double chin regions. All the three treatments can be performed at intervals and needs sessions to be benefitted.

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