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Hairfall, hairloss and baldness are very common problems among men today compared to the older generation, this problem is plaguing the younger generation [20 to 35 years of age]. More nowadays than the older aged people. It is seen as a recurring trend that in patients of inherited patterns of baldness they seem to have an accelerated loss with balding being seen in them at 20 to 30 years is similar to pattern seen among 40 to 50 years in their previous generation like father/uncle. This can be attributed to multiple causes. Hence it is an increasing necessity that hair fall / hair loss / baldness is identified and treated at a younger age. At Chennai Plastic Surgery we provide comprehensive hair care solution ranging from

  1. Diagnosis with state of hair diagnostic system
  2. Medical solution with the best available medications.
  3. Associated procedure like
    1. Mesotherapy
    2. Dermaroller
    3. Low energy lasers
  4. Hair transplantation