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Female Hair Advancement in India

An abnormally prominent forehead in women is a source of constant distress for them. Many consider it as a virilising or an aging feature. Women with prominent forehead are either born with it or develop a receding hairline in their later life.

The receding hairline pattern in females is largely due to frontral fibrosing alopecia. Although a rare condition, it mostly affects older women (after menopause). The causes are hormonal imbalance, high testosterone levels, birth control pills, autoimmunity, trauma or tumour.

Though female pattern baldness is the most common hair loss problem encountered in women as age advances, it is characterised by diffuse thinning and loss of hair rather than in one area. Receding hairline is not exactly a characteristic of female pattern baldness, but this can occur due to progressive hair loss in the temples and frontline of the hair which gives the appearance of the hairline moving backwards. This causes a lot of psychosocial morbidity in females.

Many treatment options are available in the market ranging from wigs and hair weaving to medications and surgery. HRT (hormone replacement therapy) in post-menopausal women may be needed to treat this problem. Minoxidil is the most widely used medications to treat this problem in females, however this only results in slowing down the process of hair loss but does not result in providing long lasting results or a permanent cure. In addition, minoxidil cannot be used for a long period of time in women as it leads to hair growing in abnormal places like the chin and upper lip.


In case of receding hairline the problem areas are the triangles in the temple region of the head and therefore, the aim is to bring the hairline forward to restore the normal size and shape of the forehead, giving a very natural look. In our centre we offer the patient two options: hair transplantation and hairline advancement.

By hair transplantation procedure we fill this area with natural hair by transplanting hair from the back of the head (hormone resistant areas) by the FUE or FUT techniques. These procedures have been explained in detail on our website, kindly refer to it for further details. In our centre we widely perform FUE for females presenting with receding hairline and this has resulted in excellent outcome. The expected outcome after the procedure would be advancement of the hairline to give a very natural look.

Another method by which hair advancement can be done is by surgically shortening the forehead – FOREHEAD REDUCTION SURGERY, therefore giving the appearance of a smaller forehead which creates an illusion of normal hairline. For the success of this procedure it is important that the patient has loose enough scalp in order to bring forward the existing hairline. This too offers satisfactory outcome but not commonly opted for by the patients as the sutureline (scar) may be visible and scars do not behave too well in the Indian skin types

In our centre we spend ample time in listening to the patient and discussing treatment options, this helps us understand their expectations from the procedure. Therefore, it helps us in providing them with the best possible results.

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