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Corporate Makeover India

Nothing beats the first impression. Whatever the scenario. More than ever in the corporate world. The globe is shrinking and how you look does matter. More than ever. How you feel reflects on how you look. And when you feel confident, it shines through. You need nothing else.

Late nights, jet setting meetings, deadlines, erratic food habits, out of the box thinking and eating lead to one destination – the top of the corporate ladder. They also lead to stress. And stress can wreck havoc to your looks. It could cause dull, lifeless, falling hair, bad skin, a desk job tummy, and fat deposits in all the ‘wrong’ places. You could look forty at thirty. The confidence sinks lower than the soles of your feet. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? But, there is a happy solution: The Chennai Plastic Surgery Team. Together they will help you get the personality you desire and deserve – on demand. So you can tackle other corporate issues without worrying about how you look. Honestly. Once you get there, maintenance is easy.

Chennai Plastic Surgery’s list is long, and the services offered are comprehensive. They include:

  • Liposuction to attain a slim figure to fit into a corporate outfit
  • Hair Fall Management and Hair Transplantation for hair loss
  • Botox, Fillers and Laser Resurfacing to remove the wrinkles and get that youthful look
  • Skin lightening treatment with Obagi and Glutathione injection
  • Chemical peeling and Derma Roller to get rid of scars, fine wrinkles, blemishes and get a refreshed look
  • Ankle fat-fill for ladies to make your ankles slender
  • Reshaping calves and thighs for sleek legsBring the inner you, the go-getter back to vibrant life.

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