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Migraine is a neurological disorder. The consequences of MIGRAINE happens with a vascular, hormonal and autonomic manifestations but ends with a neuronal factor. So it is declared a neurovascular disorder. More than one person in ten suffers from migraine, proves a research, though there are still researches finding the actual cause for migraine. It is more common in Women than men which usually begins with an AURA. An AURA is a generic terminology for many neurological phenomenon which starts with a headache accompanied with hallucinations, vision disturbances, nausea and speech disorders.

Usually migraine starts with a trigger. They are provoked by triggering factors like strong smell [fuel, gasoline and perfumes], food, drinks, menstruation and dieting. And being a victim of migraine it is mandatory for the patient to know their triggering factors. Migraine is a neurological symptom usually presenting with severe unilateral throbbing headache persisting for 4 to 72 hours. For our understanding migraine can be chronic OR episodic.

CHRONIC MIGRAINE: Male and female patients of all age, suffering from chronic migraine attacks complicated by probable medication-overuse headache.

EPISODIC MIGRAINE: All patients suffering from migraine with and/or without aura only occasionally using pain killers.


A migraine chart or a migraine diary is usually a protocol made by the patient to check the migraine attacks which will be useful for you and your treating physician to understand your condition. This can be done self or with the help of a physician. Before you plan your visit to get treated for migraine, it is worthwhile to keep a record of your attacks. This gives a clear cut of what you have experienced. Your medical records are also equally important to move further on your treatment plan.

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