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Botox for Migraine India

Treating migraine non- surgically falls under two categories.

  1. Acute therapy
  2. Preventative therapy

Does every victim of migraine needs treatment is a very common question. Most of the migraine are satisfied with their general practitioners. But a few are not. We are here to guide when migraine is not under control with pills. Medications for migraine though extremely effective, does not solely treat severe and refractory headaches. BOTOX plays a vital role here. Botox known for its cosmetic reasons is unknown to many as a therapeutic remedy for migraine.

BOTOX falls under the preventative therapy for chronic attacks and a comparative study proves its safety, efficacy and tolerability over the other preventative measures. There are more significant advantages OF BOTOX over the alternative preventative therapies with beta blockers, anti- convulsants and anti- depressants.


Prevention plays an important role in treating chronic migraine. This involves educating the patient about their condition and counsel them to change their diet and life style modification.

Treatment plan begins with a thorough history like:

  1. Is he or she using more acute medications than the recommended dose.
  2. Is he or she responding properly for acute medications.
  3. Is he or she meeting the treatment goals.
  4. Has he or she properly followed the treatment regimen?
  5. If he or she developed any complications for their previous treatment.


PROVEN SCHEDULE: 2 sessions, 12 weeks apart, with further re-treatment every 12 weeks
PROVEN SITES: 31 sites across 7 specific head and neck muscle areas

  1. Forehead
  2. Temples
  3. Nape and sides of neck
  4. Upper shoulders
  5. Back of the head


The most frequently reported adverse reactions after BOTOX injection are neck pain ,headache, drooping of the eyelids, muscular weakness , musculoskeletal stiffness, bronchitis, pain and swelling in the injected area. Severe worsening of migraine requiring hospitalization occurred in approximately 1% of BOTOX treated patients usually within the first week after treatment.


  1. Pregnancy
  2. Lactation
  3. Children below 18 years
  4. Uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension
  5. Neuromuscular disorders
  6. Neuropathy
  7. Hypersensitive reactions for previous BOTOX.

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