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Laser Hair Removal: Pain free smoothness in India

Facial hair grows uninvited, unwanted and embarrassing. So does hair on arms, legs and torso. Superfluous hair springing out of different body parts is a nuisance. What with having to visit crowded, unhygienic parlors to get your surplus hair either waxed or threaded out. The whole process can get irritatingly excruciating.

Enter Laser Hair Removal. At Chennai Plastic Surgery, we have the Soprano Pain Free Laser Machine, the perfect equipment for pain free hair removal. It has cooling mechanisms that keep the skin comfortable while lasering out all unwanted hair.

This new machine is safe for all skin types and can be used in all seasons. The best part is the removed hair never grows back, as it is treated right at the roots. Chennai Plastic Surgery’s expert team will treat you like the VIP you are.

Our sophisticated Soprano Pain Free Laser Machine ensures skin does not burn due to the excess heat produced by other laser hair removal machines as it cools the skin as it treats the unwanted hair, right at its root. And it’s quicker. So, bid those unwanted hair follicles goodbye. And while you are at it, throw away your tweezers, razors and waxing equipment.

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Using a diode laser combined with ‘in-motion’ technology and a sophisticated cooling system. The advanced Soprano laser hair removal technology is:
How does it differ from traditional laser technology?
Hair Removal Treatments – Who is it For?
What areas can be treated?
How does it work?
Does it hurt?
Is it safe?
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What is the duration between each sitting ?
Will the hair grow back?
How many Soprano laser treatments do I need?
How do I remove the hair in between laser hair removal treatments?
Is there anything I should do before and after a laser treatment?
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