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Breast Augmentation India

Small breasts are a documented cause for loss of self esteem in many women the world over. The “I feel less of a woman” feeling haunts them most of the times. The possibility of breast augmentation or in other words, increasing their breast size through various medical procedures has boosted the confidence of these women manifolds.

Breast augmentation can be achieved by any of the given two procedures:


There are a few major factors that one needs to consider while opting for breast implants besides understanding the routine surgery related issues and complications:

Type of Implant – Silicone / Saline

  • Silicone implants come in round or teardrop shaped silicone shells filled with silicone gel. The newer gels maintain their shape and do not dissipate like liquid. The silicone breast implants produce near natural feeling breasts.
  • Saline filled implants have a silicone shell and involve injecting saline into the implant following placement in the chest pocket. These are stiffer than silicone implants and can produce rippling of skin and contour changes.

Volume & position of implant :

The volume of the breast implant used and where it is placed on the chest – above or below the chest muscles will determine the final size of the breast. They are also an important consideration when one desires finer aesthetic details like a more prominent cleavage, a smoother convergence with existing breast tissue etc.


  • As silicone implants are prefilled, they require a larger incision while saline implants need a smaller one.
  • The 3 most routinely used incisions are :
    1. Infra mammary fold Incision – Most common. The dissection is easy, bloodless & quick. The placement of the implant is precise. The postoperative pain and discomfort is less. The scar is concealed along the fold below the breast.
    2. Peri areolar incision – preferred by those who don’t desire a huge incision. The scar in this case is hidden in the multiple lines and folds of the areola (pigmented skin around nipple).
    3. Axillary Incision – preferred by those who don’t desire scar on the front chest. It involves endoscopic deployment of implant and is time consuming. The equipments and the extensive time taken make it a costlier option.
BEFOREBreast Augmentation
AFTERBreast Augmentation


BEFOREBreast Augmentation
AFTERBreast Augmentation

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  • The short term and long term behavior of both the implants are not very different.
  • Neither of the implants is lifelong. They have to be removed after 10-15 years and replaced if desired.
  • When a saline implant ruptures, the saline gets absorbed by the body. The implant deflates and only the silicone shell is left behind. The patient notices it immediately due to the change in shape.
  • When a silicone implant ruptures the silicone that comes out is usually held within the capsule that surrounds the implant and there are no rapid changes in shape. The patient notices the changes very slowly and sometimes goes unnoticed. The silicone that comes out does not cause any problems like breast cancer, infection, or abscess. It can result in some breast pain and change in shape of the breast. In both situations the Implants need to be removed and if desired replaced by a new implant.

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