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Dermal Fillers India

Fillers to hide unwanted wrinkles, folds & depressions on face. Desire for a more youthful appearance and especially improvements in the contours, furrows and wrinkles associated with the aging process. Desire for larger lips or large cheekbones.

Focusing on wrinkle lines, deep furrows like in the laugh lines, small lips, and acne scars. Features of contour depressions, fine or deep wrinkle lines, furrows, or acne and chickenpox scar pits can all be improved. Also may be helpful in improving contours after rhinoplasty, lip enlargements and other procedures.

The Product

Composed only of the very pure and natural substance hyaluronic acid that is found in all humans. Highly stable and not animal in origin, therefore very biocompatible. Products we all are using are the ones which are US FDA Approved and also have been in market for a couple of years. So their stability and reactivity is well known to us and hence from the wide range available in market today worldwide we decide only on individual basis after a thorough examination of our client and understanding the expectations.


Hyaluronic acid has become accepted—and even preferred—for use in wrinkle treatment as it is free of allergens that may cause adverse reactions in some patients since only biosynthesized, non-animal hyaluronic acid is present in it. It definately is used alot and its demand is alot by the patients itself after a few injections.


Radiesse™ (or Radiance™) is a cosmetic filler used in the treatment of deep lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth — also including smile lines, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds. It has small microsphere particles suspended in a gel-like solution comprised of calcium hydroxylapatite, a substance naturally found in the body and hence suitable.


Another hyaluronic acid-based injectable fillers that provide an excellent way to reduce or eliminate the lines and wrinkles that accompany aging if injected artistically. Unlike some skin fillers, however, Perlane also provides exceptional lip enhancement for fuller, more sensual and pouted lip appearance.


It is very similar to Perlane, but is used more for facial wrinkles and contouring than for lip augmentation. The effects of Restylane® can be expected to last about six months. Restylane® has been one of the most popular non-surgical treatments in the world of cosmetic surgery today which is due to its high safety profile.

Candidates for cosmetic filler treatment

Candidates for cosmetic filler treatment include patients showing obvious signs of facial aging commonly seek treatment for prominent smile lines, marionette lines, and other facial wrinkles. Some people approach with facial scars probably secondary to chicken pox or acne or maybe even some trauma. Radiesseâ”c can also be used as an alternative to implant surgery, providing augmentation to a patient’s nose, cheeks, or chin. But generally, a sensual lips, cheek augemntation and scar revision with filler is most commonly seen in practise.

The treatment process

Is a simple outpatient procedure generally performed using a local anesthetic topical or injectable sometimes for blocking the nerves. Treatment time takes up to 15 to 45 minutes, depending upon the amount of corrections needed. The doctor selects one or more injection points of each location for treatment and then the substance is injected beneath the skin, under the dermis and subcutis layer with a small syringe just like the insulin syringe and yes in some a “touch up” may also be needed but not before 2-4 weeks. There are no dressings or specific postoperative precautions. This can be combined with other cosmetic surgical procedures too maybe on the same or a different sitting.


You see your result or an almost result immediately or in some cases after a coulpe of hours. Daily activities are carried on and yes you can shower, bathe, wash and apply makeup immediately. Mild Swelling can be there which settles down in a couple of hours. Minimal or no bruising is the usual. You can resume all activities and exercise immediately only we advise you to not massage that area for a few days and hence, no facials too.


Beautiful, natural improvement in contours and wrinkles which have been injected. The product lasts a long time and sometimes as long as six months to one year depending alot on the product used and amount used and the indication too. Ultimately a very impressive result with least downtime and an immediate artistic result. and an immediate artistic result.

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