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Double eyelid creation

The eyelid crease is considered to be the aesthetic component of the eyes which varies with position, age, gender and race. Double eyelid creation is a very common scenario in Asians though 50% of Asians are presented with the crease, while is more prevalent in all non-Asians. The eyelids basically has an inward creasing skin which divides the eyelids into two, a lower segment which is adjacent to the upper eyelashes and an upper segment which runs from the crease to the border of the eyebrows. So defining this crease is aesthetically appealing in most of the Asians for whom the crease is completely absent. Double eyelid creation may make the eye look attractive, younger and considerably fuller.

Double eyelid creation also known as Asian lid surgery which involves the creation of supratarsal crease in people who either has partial eyelid fold or who completely not presented with it. Double eyelid creation is a surgical technique either to form a new crease or to supplement the existing crease to look better. The creation of double eyelid crease has gone through many evolutions but the goals and aims remains the same.

Surgical technique is mostly under general anesthesia, however this can also be done under local anesthesia. Generally a full-incision method is practiced in most of the places as the effects after surgery is aesthetically appealing.

Post-surgery the eyelids may look overwhelmingly puffy and inflamed. The crease may also look way high from where it has to be ideally. Delicate handling of the eyelids should be followed strictly as the healing phase may extend to one more week after suture removal. One should understand that a newly created double eyelid will look natural and beautiful only after complete healing is achieved.

As far as complication is concerned, other than usual post-surgery swelling and inflammation within a week after surgery, there might be slight asymmetry which can be addressed by subsequent correction surgeries.

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