Guidelines for Plastic Surgery Abroad | Chennai Plastic Surgery

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During enquiry the following personal details are collected from the client

  • Name
  • Age and gender
  • Height and weight
  • Email address
  • Contact numbers with WhatsApp access.

After receiving your details our suregoen will call you to guide you on the treatment enquired for.

He may ask you to send the pictures of the areas of your concern after masking your identity. This phase is completely to guide you, explain the possible treatment plan and the approximate charges for completing the procedure. The pictures shared are confidential.

We prefer certain angles for taking the pictures to be sent and those informations will be sent you through an email.

You will still be communicating with the team afterwards which is more important to guide you on pre surgery instructions. Some of pre surgery instructions has to be followed 3 weeks before the surgery like discontinuing smoking. There are further more pre surgical instructions. Hence keep in touch for us to guide you properly.

Pre- operative blood investigations are recommended to be finished in your country to prevent last minute cancellations of surgery due to abnormal blood values. This avoids unnecessary travel to meet our surgeon.

Pre- operative checklist will be sent to your email where you can fill in the medical history records of yours which will be taken into consideration.

Check for our surgeon’s availability before booking your tickets to India. The stay in India would be recommended for 15 to 20 days if it is a bigger surgery like abdobinoplasty

No other tourism to be planned during your visit to India for surgery as it may exhaust you and impairs healing.

Our team will guide you on booking the hotels for stay in India post-surgery. Booking hotels in and around our hospital will be ideal. Kindly enquire us for a better, cost effective and accessible hotels near our hospital.

On day 1 you will be consulting the surgeon. Once the treatment plan is confirmed then the pre-operative instructions will be given to you.

On day 2 the surgery will be held at Sainath hospital which is next door.

Usually there will be an overnight stay after surgery and the next day you will get discharged and you can leave to the service apartment or the hotel.

Post-operative visits will be every other day to ensure that your recovery is perfect without any infections.

There are many travel agencies and taxi service apps {like OLA and UBER} and food delivering service apps {like UBEREATS and SWIGGY} which will be helpful for you to make the stay comfortable in India.