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Cosmetic Gynecology India

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Women’s health is under consideration in the recent decades though it is never too early or too late working on being an independent, youthful and a newer you…

Cosmetic gynecology is a newer branch of surgery which is gaining popularity with increasing awareness among women. It is not uncommon to come across women who are unhappy with their external genitalia.

The reason for a woman to approach a surgeon for cosmetic gynecology is multifactorial. Changes due to ageing, multiple childbirth, fluctuations in weight can cause weakening of the perineal musculature. This in turn leads to changes in shape of vagina and labia majora/minora.

Cosmetic gynecology is not often medically indicated though it is opted by many women to face their practical difficulties aesthetically and functionally.

Problems encountered

Discomfort while walking, exercise, inability to wear swimsuit or tight fitting clothes. It can also cause embarrassment, low self-esteem and decreased confidence. Lack of sensation, discomfort during intercourse can also occur.



This procedure is done to repair the tissue and restore the appearance of an intact hymen. The hymen gets usually torn during first intercourse, during horse riding, cycling, tampon insertion etc. In most cultures, intact hymen denotes virginity and is considered an important factor in marriage. Restoration of hymen surgically is a simple, safe procedure to repair the hymen and is performed on the individual’s needs.


Vaginoplasty or tightening of vagina or vaginal rejuvenation addresses the loose vaginal tissue. Ageing, multiple childbirth can not only lead to laxity of vagina but can also result in decreased sexual satisfaction. This procedure involves removing the excess lining and tightening of the lax musculature and surrounding soft tissue. It can also be combined with labiaplasty.


This procedure addresses the appearance of inner labia or the labia minora. Labia minora may be uneven or more prominent .It may occur post child birth, or may be present since birth. Problems faced by the patient include prominence underneath the swimwear or underwear, leading to discomfort or embarrassment. It may at times interfere with intercourse. Labiaplasty not only helps to alleviate these problems but also helps to reduce the vaginal lip size.

Clitoral unhooding or hoodectomy

Is a minor surgical procedure in which the tissue that normally covers the clitoris is removed. This condition in medical term also referred as clitorial phymosis. This is an analogous to circumcision in men.


Pubic liposuction and pubic lift are procedures which can be done together depending upon the extent of the condition. Monsplasty otherwise called as the pubis lift is achieved through a combined surgery of pubic liposuction with pubic lift. This procedure will tighten and shape up your ‘bikini bridge’ which may be prominent when wearing your outfits.

All these are done as day care procedures, absorbable sutures are applied and the scar is usually imperceptible. Post procedure some amount of bruising, discomfort and swelling is common.

Our cosmetic surgeon will examine and she will tell you the apt treatment which is to determine whether the patient is choosing the treatment for aesthetic or functional benefits.