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Breast Liposuction India

Breast liposuction, a type of reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure to surgically reduce the size of large breasts. Of all cosmetic procedures in vogue, breast reduction impacts the physical and emotional health of a lot of women worldwide.

In addition to helping achieve appealing proportions, breast liposuction address a number of physical and emotional concerns related to abnormally large breasts as below:

  • Backaches
  • Shoulder pain
  • Shoulder strap depressions
  • Bad posture such as a curved back or droopy shoulders
  • Inflamed skin below the breasts
  • Difficulty in procuring suitable undergarments with ample support
  • Limitations on physical activity & breathing
  • Embarrassment

Deciding on the right size and technique.

While most of our clients want to reduce their breasts to an average size, there may be others who seek greater reduction. Techniques employed to enable breast reduction are based on a combination of factors – breast composition, health/physical conditions and personal goals. The surgeon might require an ultrasound or mammogram to understand the composition of your breasts.

On examination, if the patient’s breast is constituted majorly of fat tissue rather than excessive skin, the surgeon shall advise reduction through liposuction alone. This technique offers excellent results, with minimal risks, minimal scar and quicker recovery times. The procedure is ideal for mild reduction in size and addressing breast asymmetries, up to a difference of one cup size.

Breast reduction employing liposuction alone cannot significantly address sagging, poor skin quality and glandular breast. In such cases, the most ideal option would be to couple surgical tissue excision with liposuction.

How is the procedure performed?

At Chennai Plastic Surgery, Breast Liposuction is performed by a team of skillful Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons. Besides the other forms of reduction, they specialize in this unique breast reduction via liposuction. Advances in liposuction techniques enable this expert team to perform the procedure in the least invasive manner. The Breast Reduction via liposuction procedure allows for benefits of faster, almost scar-free recovery and reduction in surgical complications.
At Chennai Plastic Surgery, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia. It requires only single, 4 mm incisions on either side of the breast that often become inconspicuous over time. Using a cannula, layers of fat are broken down and suctioned out. This procedure leaves behind the glandular tissue in place.

What to expect after the procedure?

At Chennai Plastic Surgery, patients undergoing Breast Liposuction are encouraged to walk around for a short while following a day of bed rest, but to limit any type of strenuous activity to avoid swelling or bleeding. It advisable to sleep on ones back during the recovery to avoid pressure on the treated areas.

You can resume mild exercise after the first couple of weeks. You will be advised to compulsorily wear customized compression garments for the first few weeks to help minimize swelling, decrease hematoma formation and significantly decrease post operative pain. Suture are removed a week after the surgery.

The breasts may not appear natural immediately following the surgery but you can expect it to assume a more pleasing shape over time. The size of the breast decreases gradually and the remaining skin will naturally shrink to fit the new breast volume. The shrinking results in an elevation of nipple/areola from as less as 2 cms. to as much as 10 cms. However, the amount of lift is highly influenced by elasticity of one’s skin.

Advantages of breast liposuction

  • Minimal scarring
  • Rapid recovery
  • Improved shape of breasts
  • Unaltered nipple sensation
  • Ability to resume breastfeeding
  • Lower cost of procedure
  • Ideal for clients with high comorbidities

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