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For a woman, her breasts form an integral part of her personality, her beauty. And when they sag, she begins feeling old, sometimes even before her time. Breasts, however, sag due to many reasons: childbirth, wrong posture when breastfeeding, age, genes, and weight fluctuations thanks to yoyo dieting. Earlier it was believed that once the breasts sag, nothing can be done about it.

Here’s news: sagging breasts can be lifted by a cosmetic surgery procedure known as Mastopexy.

Droopy, sagging breasts change a woman’s body contour, making it unattractive. Psychologists have found many women with injured self esteem and eroded self confidence. Sometimes, it manifests into depression, and patients cannot identify why.

A breast lift, or mastopexy, reshapes your breasts and areolas to create an aesthetically pleasing contour that is firmer, more buoyant and youthful.

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Breasts have to be the perfect size for your body structure. Too small could be odd. Too large ones have their own problems, including one where the woman develops a hunch due to their weight.If either are a problem, along with the breast lift or Mastopexy, you could opt to change the size, either augment them or reduce them. This complementary procedure may achieve the results you seek, and address your concerns at the same time. With this double pronged approach, your surgeon avoids the need for two separate surgeries, thereby reducing costs and the enhancing your contours, making a dramatic difference to your life, while boosting your self confidence.
Ptosis is a medical condition that means the drooping of a woman’s nipple, or areola; breast skin could cause elongation is due to tissue stretching, atrophy (degeneration), or loss of elasticity. This change is classified as Ptosis when the breasts have become significantly elongated when compared to adolescent breasts.Sometimes, elongated breasts could happen due to early breast growth during a woman’s development years. However, age and lifestyle factors like sudden weight loss and pregnancy also contribute to the development of Ptosis. Gravity and hormonal changes like menopause also contribute towards Ptosis.
In Pseudoptosis the nipple remains in the normal position, around 21 centimetres from the hollow at the base of the neck, known as the Sternal Notch, but a major part of the breasts are below the inframammary crease or fold under the breast. This positioning of the nipples indicates glandular Ptosis — referred to as Pseudoptosis – in medical terms. It can be treated through breast augmentation with implants and lowering the inframammary fold rather than a complete breast lift or Mastopexy.

Breast Lift: in a nutshell

A breast lift or Mastopexy reshapes and re-contours the breasts by addressing Ptosis (droopiness) and slackness. The surgery gives patients youthful bust lines. During the procedure, breasts are “lifted” by removing excess skin and tissue. The nipple is placed at a higher position, making breasts look perkier, tighter and younger.A breast lift will not increase the size of your chest.

Visible scarring could occur and would depend on the severity of Ptosis.

During your consultation with the expert, measurements may be taken to determine the degree of Ptosis.

Breast Augmentation: in a nutshell

Breast augmentation increases your cup size. Implants made of either saline or silicone cohesive gel, are inserted. Breast Augmentation has been designed only to address size issues rather than any other aesthetic concern. The implant type may positively affect the shape of the breasts.

Simply put, if your breasts sag, then you’ll need a breast lift. If you want larger breasts, then you’ll need Breast Augmentation.

Breast lift and Breast Augmentation

Do your breasts droop along with causing you concern about their size? If yes, you could opt for a combination of the two procedures. Both your breast related problems can be sorted out at the same time. End result: perkier breasts in a larger size. It’s time to get yourself some new inner wear!

  • Periareolar (Donut) Breast Lift
  • Vertical Mastopexy Breast Lift
  • Full/Anchor Mastopexy

In Mastopexy, the Periareolar Technique or Donut Technique results in a scar usually limited to a circular mark around the areola.

Vertical Mastopexy or the lollipop technique involves a vertical incision and creates scars that both circle the areola and extend downward to the breast crease.

Severe cases of breast sagging are typically treated using the Full/Anchor Mastopexy. This “anchor” technique includes the circle and line scars described above as well as a curved mark underneath their breast in the natural crease.


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