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Breast Fat Fill India

Breast fat fill is a procedure that involves surgically harvesting fat from certain areas of the body and injecting them into the breast for aesthetically pleasing outcomes. It does not find application in just breast augmentation, but also following implant or flap based reconstruction in breast cancer patients (post mastectomy) with astounding outcomes.

Year after year, there are a number of patients from different nationalities who undergo this procedure at Chennai Plastic Surgery and are immensely benefited.

Indications for a breast fat fill.

You may be an ideal candidate for breast fat fill if:

  • You are dissatisfied with your breast size and wish to add volume
  • You desire to improve fullness and projection of your breasts
  • You desire to improve breast contours (like upper pole emptiness)
  • You desire natural alternatives to synthetic implants
  • You have breasts that appear creased and sunken

The most vital criterion to undergo a fat fill is that you should have spare fat in a suitable location on your body for it to be harvested.

What to expect before the procedure?

You will be advised to stop smoking at least four weeks before surgery. Besides, the surgeon shall advice you to avoid certain medications such as Aspirin (blood thinning agents).

What to expect during the procedure?

At Chennai Plastic Surgery, the fat fill is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure takes about 30 to 90 minutes depending upon the amount of fat that needs to be harvested and grafted.

Liposuction. A small 4 mm incision is made in the donor region. The fat is harvested using blunt canulas and a special aspirator. Incisions are closed with a fine suture and plastered.

Filtration. This step facilitates the separation of blood and other solutions used in the process from the fat cells.

Injection. This involves injecting the purified fat using the micro droplet technique into the areas of the breast that were marked preoperatively. Blunt canulas with holes at the side of the tips are used for the transfer. Though a single incision, the cannula is inserted and hundreds of tunnels or channels are created. The fat is deposited in very small amounts in each tunnel as the surgeon withdraws the cannula. The incision is then sutured and plastered.

What to expect after the procedure?

At Chennai Plastic Surgery, patients undergoing Breast Fat Fill are encouraged to walk around for a short while following a brief bed rest, but also advised to limit any type of strenuous activity to avoid swelling or bleeding. You are free to go home on the same day as the surgery.

It is advisable to sleep on ones back during the recovery to avoid pressure on the treated areas. You can resume mild exercise after the first couple of weeks. You will be advised to compulsorily wear customized compression garments for the first few weeks to help minimize swelling, decrease hematoma formation and significantly decrease post operative pain. Suture are removed a week after the surgery. In areas where fat is injected, you will experience tenderness and mild pain, which will settle gradually.

The breasts most often starts appearing completely natural immediately following the surgery but you can expect it to assume a much more pleasing shape over time.

Liposuction is usually associated with some bruising, swelling and mild pain or discomfort in the region of harvest. Though none of the issues interfere with any of your daily activities, the swelling and bruising will take anywhere between 7 to 15 days to go away completely. Sutures in this area are removed at the end of 7 days as well.

Advantages of Breast Fat Fill

  • As one’s own fat is used, these is no concern about reaction with foreign body as in case of breast implants
  • It is almost scar free as the fat is injected through syringes and small needles.
  • The postoperative pain & recovery time is less than an implant surgery.
  • One almost gets a complimentary liposuction done to another part of the body in the process of sourcing out the fat.
  • It is very economical in comparison to a breast implant procedure.

Disadvantages of Breast Fat Fill

Fat has a tendency to get absorbed partially. Hence the final result can be evaluated only after a period of six months to one year only. The breasts may have a few size, symmetry and shape differences that might require a touch up or correction procedure.

Fat as a source for volume augmentation is popular for low volume areas like cheek, chin, malar areas, forehead and depressed scars for more than 30 years now. The latest in the field of fat grafting is the use of one’s own fat in larger volumes to fill and increase size and change shape in areas like breast & buttock. The fat is taken from the areas of fat excess like tummy, thigh or buttock, processed and reinjected using syringes into the breast.

What is the downside of the procedure?

If you tend to gain a considerable amount following the fat graft, it may distinctly show in the area that was treated.

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